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Lady Konchok passed away in 2019 and her family wishes to share the continued legacy of the spiritual wealth of their traditional Tibetan Buddhist training, through these services. Lady Konchok’s aspiration was that all our lives would be enriched by these offerings.

In the West, we have only begun to fathom how the devotion of the Tibetan people created a rich fabric and fertile ground for enlightened family and business practices.

In much the same way we seek out specialized doctors and specific prescriptions, Tibetans turn to different knowledge holders depending on their needs. Trained practitioners such as Lady Konchok, Lama Pegyal, and Gyurme Dorjee Onchen, had they stayed in the East, would be known for miles around for their lineage-empowered guidance.

Lady Konchok Palden

Lady Konchok Palden is the mother of the Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, she passes in 2019. Trained from an early age as a nun, she escaped from Tibet in the early 1960’s with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche…

About Lady Konchok Palden

Lama Pegyal Rinpoche

We have come to know him as Lama Pegyal. Some consider him to be one of Shambhala’s national treasures. The Onchen Lineage is known as the Great Steam Great Glorious Lion Lineage and is predicted to continue for 180 generations…

About Pema Gyaltsen Onchen Rinpoche

Gyurme Dorjee Onchen

Gyurme Dorjee Onchen was born in Bir, India on September 6, 1974. He attended the local school and also studied at home with his parents. Lady Konchok, Lama Pegyal, and Gyurme Dorjee went to Tibet in 1987…

About Gyurme Dorjee Onchen

Our Thanks

The family is grateful for the life-giving sustenance received from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and the entire Shambhala community including the residential community of Marpa House, offered for many years. With particular affection, the family is beholden to Lady Konchok’s care team, past, present and future. Breeze of Delight could not have come into being without the devotion of a few hard-working friends: Allya Canepa, Cathy Pressman, David Brown, Terry Goergen, Brigitta Karelis, Samten Kobelt, Mary Sweet, Marv Ross, and Jules Levinson. Breeze of Delight would also like to thank Vagabond Ranch for providing business sponsorship funds, enabling us to build the cherry wood and blued-steel “Offering Lamp Shrines.” The family now depends on the generous support and sponsorship of the community and proceeds from these services.