Lady Konchok leaves a legacy of her family, Lama Pegyal and son Gyurme Dorje Lama, who wish to share the spiritual wealth of their traditional Tibetan Buddhist training. The family graciously offers Mo Divinations if you have a personal question, Statue & Treasure Vase Consecrations, Khatas, special protection practices, Prayer Flags, and Butter Lamp Prayers that can be offered to loved ones. In the West, we have only begun to fathom how the devotion of the Tibetan people created a rich fabric and fertile ground for enlightened family and business practices. In much the same way we seek out specialized doctors and specific prescriptions, Tibetans turn to different knowledge holders depending on their needs. Trained practitioners such as Lady Konchok, Lama Pegyal, and Gyurme Dorje Lama, had they stayed in the East, would be known for miles around for their lineage-empowered guidance.

Our Services

Butter Lamp Prayers

If someone is ill or has passed away, or is having some personal challenges, it’s traditional to offer butter lamp prayers

Blessing Rituals

The Onchen family offers specific prayer pujas (ceremonies) to offer support and blessings for people, family or business, to help with prosperity and remove obstacles.

Mo Divinations

Lama Pegyal Rinpoche has a special connection with a Buddhist protector deity called Vetali and offers helpful and accurate Tibetan “mo” divinations.

Khata Offering Scarves

The family offers a set of 4, lovely white offer scarves, bulk orders are available to teachings and empowerments.

Statue Consecration

Religious deity statues should not be hollow, the family carefully fills Buddhist statues and consecrates them, Thankgas too.

Thangka Consecration

Lama Pegyal and Gyuerme Dorje offer an extensive blessing ceremony to consecrate your Tibetan deity thangka painting.

About Us

Lady Konchok Palden was the mother of the Gyurme Dorje and Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche and was a devout meditation practitioner for most of her life. Lady Konchok’s wisdom was unadorned, deep, direct. With the Breeze of Delight, a portal has been created to share this legacy of wisdom for the good of all sentient beings, and to provide support for the genuine and humble Onchen family lineage to prosper.
The family’s aspiration is that all our lives will be enriched by these offerings.

Blessing Pujas