Mo Divinations

Generally speaking all people understand the meaning of divination. It is part of our shared human wisdom. Tibetan devotion is not very scientific. Nonetheless it is strong and is firmly planted in the belief that the Three Jewels will always help you in your life. Tibetans are spiritually rich, not necessarily in worldly ways. Whether the teachings help you become wealthy or healthy or enlightened isn’t so important. We understand that there are many religions, many gods. We believe that Tibetan Buddhism offers many methods that can effectively pull out the root of suffering.

Most of us think this life is long. But in truth, it is short. The longest path is the one that comes after you die. In our culture, when you pray to the Three Jewels, and you believe one hundred percent, then you are free of fickle mind. When you rest in pure mind without doubt, then your aspiration is powerful. If your mind is fickle, then your power is fickle. Also, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas see how people suffer. They wonder, “How can we help?” So, they developed tools. Mo divination is a way of communicating with suffering beings.

There exist a variety of divination methods. Lama Pegyal always supplicates Vetali for answers. In his monastery there was a Vetali mask on top of a pillar. Before the Chinese came, blood ran down from her mask three times. This was a clear sign that everything would be destroyed. Lama Pegyal heard this story before terror struck. Also, he has a book that said this sign had appeared before. When young, he looked up the pillar and saw a clot of dried blood in the mask. There is a long established tradition for supplicating Vetali’s omniscience.

When Lama Pegyal was in Tibet it was rare for him to do a Mo. When he came to the United States, Sakyong Mipham would ask for Mos to answer his own personal questions. Then, later, the Sakyong would send his Shambhala students to ask for a Mo consultation. Lama Pegyal started to think, “Maybe these Mos are helpful. Maybe they make sense.” He believes that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are omniscient. People ask for Mos because they have suffering. He wishes for people to be free of their suffering. Lama Pegyal says, “I don’t have omniscience. But I believe that the deity does. From this I ask the Mo.”
Traditional Tibetan Mo Divination

The cost of a Mo is entirely dependent on the complexity of the question and what recommendations might come out of the Mo. A Mo is very personal and we will handle each divination with care and consideration. Typically the offering is $70 per question. If the Mo suggests additional practices, we will review these and try to make it possible for you to accomplish what you need.

Please send your Mo requests to and you can order online here, it is $70 per single question. If you can be concise about formulating your question, it is helpful due to the translation process. Questions should be in the realm of general advice, very specific questions are discouraged. For example, a question about a personal obstacle to practice, marriage, family, health, livelihood is appropriate. It your questions are complex or very specific or unusual, please email to prior to paying, so we can see if we can be of help.