“This year’s joining of the feminine energy of the snake with the water element is a prosperous pairing for awakening— perfect timing in a tumultuous world.”  JennyLaPage, Elephant Journal

This spring is a perfect time to freshen, renew and remove obstacles and patterns that no longer serve us. Personally, I had a series of very challenging, indeed tumultuous obstacles come up last year. I asked Lama Pegyal and Gyurme Dorje for advice. Gyurme Dorje listened carefully to me, and later, Lama Pegyal performed a special, elaborate blessing ceremony to clear away these problems. A week after that, Lama Pegyal made a special protection amulet that I still were today over my heart, carefully handsewn with red brocade.

Their insight and kindness to me was invaluable, and I was so honored to feel a part of this “family.” If you would like Lama Pegyal to perform a “Mo” divination for questions about how to move through personal, challenging times, I can’t recommended their help highly enough. For this reason, I offered to help the family with this website. I hope that the Sangha can take advantage of the preciousness of what the Onchen Lamas offer.

With warmest and well wishes,

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