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Letter from the Onchens – Lady Könchok’s Family

As many of you know, Lady Könchok moved to Boulder in 1995. Our family is living here in the west to support the Sakyong’s activities for Shambhala over the past 25 years. We have helped the Sakyong with empowerments, retreats, pujas, and programs in Halifax, Vermont, and Colorado.

Lama Pegyal was instrumental in teaching the Sakyong Tibetan and in bringing detail and meaning to Shambhala’s ritual practices including Werma. Together we introduced and helped translate the Kurukulla and Red Jambhala texts, guided and supported the Padmasambhava feast at Marpa House, and trained chöpöns at the Ritual Academy and on an ongoing basis.

Outside of these activities, we have provided full-time care for Lady Könchok.

Everything has changed now. We are connecting with the outer world. In a few years, once we are settled and have steady income from good jobs, we hope to achieve our goal of purchasing an affordable 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home. We believe it’s possible to find a house for our family.

We will always be grateful for your friendship and for the many ways that you have been there for us all along the way.

With love,
The Onchens

Other ways to offer support:

● We continue to offer traditional Tibetan ritual services – butterlamp offerings, Mo divinations, treasure vases, as well as filling and consecrating rupas.

● If you have other questions, including how to set-up a reoccurring gift, please contact us.

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