By Jennifer Holder

The blessing energy of Lady Kunchok, Lama Pegyal, and Gyurme Dorje extends to the most personal aspects of our lives with their offerings through Breeze of Delight. Jennifer Holder recounts the ways they have helped her overcome life obstacles and invoked blessings into her new home.

We have three familial treasures in our mandala who have generously extended their meditative accomplishments to us. Lady Kunchok (the Sakyong’s mother), Lama Pegyal (her partner and a close friend to the Sakyong), and Gyurme Dorje (their son) created Breeze of Delight to bring blessings to the world. I have benefited immensely from their gifts for accessing the unseen—but powerful—forces at work behind the scenes of my life. It is in gratitude that I share two stories of encountering Breeze of Delight: the first helped me overcome major life obstacles and the second was a house blessing ceremony.

A Spiritual Intervention

In early 2010, with the economic fallout I was forced to return home to Boulder from New York City and felt lost. For the next year, I experienced immense obstacles in my life: from a string of disastrous employment situations to an illness that was plaguing me to deep feelings of displacement and isolation.
I sensed that something behind the scenes was taking place. You know the feeling that no matter what you do to remedy your situation, nothing works and defeat is around every corner? It’s almost as if the universe itself is thwarting you. I felt I needed a spiritual intervention, and I mentioned this to Acharya Simmer Brown. She suggested I request a Mo from Lama Pegyal.
A Mo is a traditional Tibetan divination that deduces the root of problems and can advise on further activity. The family graciously hosted me at their table in their Marpa House apartment and I cried as I described my situation. I felt heard and held by their warm compassion, and left knowing that the Mo would be performed that evening.
It turned out that I had a lot of forces at work against me: a sickened lokapala, an angry naga, and a person who had cursed me somehow. I was advised to attend a long-life ceremony, to obtain milk from a red cow, to set free a life that would otherwise be taken, and to invoke the protectors. Monks in India were hired to do several intensive ceremonies on my behalf. And Lama Pegyal attended to the naga.
It was an adventure accomplishing everything—including arriving at a farm at dawn to choose my red cow and puzzling over the likelihood that the mice I rescued from a pet store would create an infestation. But I did it all with an engagement and cheerfulness that I had not experience in a long time.
When all was accomplished, I immediately felt better. My home felt more peaceful, I relaxed extraordinarily, my spirit finally followed me from NYC to Colorado, and I was hired at the company I still work at and love. Whew!

A Home Bound into Friendship

I think one of the signs that things are going well in life is when we transition from renting a home to owning one. This Spring, I purchased a beautiful townhome that is on a park and near to three lakes. While I was going through the awful logistical process of purchasing the place, I dreamed of the day when I could invite the family behind Breeze of Delight to bless it. I wanted to begin my relationship with the place right by asking them to purify the old energy (it was built in 1983 and used as a rental property for a while), to pacify the resident lokapalas, and to invoke the dralas and their blessing energy.
While these blessings can be done at a distance, I am fortunate to live within 20 miles of Boulder. I picked up Lama Pegyal and drove him to my townhome via a scenic route through the foothills. My good friend greeted him at the door and I showed him around. The place was empty by design—I wanted the blessing done before I moved in. I had set up a simple shrine on the kitchen counter, facing into the dining room. Lama Pegyal commented on the Padmasambhava shrine and smiled as I lit it. We found him a bucket to set his texts on and he arranged his implements on the floor next to him.
Next came an hour of chanting, punctuated by Lama Pegyal’s description of each liturgy. I found my emotions stirring differently with each one, as my intentions connected with the unseen energies of my new home. When he came to the point at which he bound us all into a deep and lasting friendship, I felt tears welling. He burned things, we threw rice, and I took him into each room and described its function before he sprinkled it with a magic liquid using a juniper branch.
Since then, I have moved into the townhome and feel well received. I have slept soundly from the first night (which is unusual for me), my cats didn’t experience a moment of moving anxiety, the neighbors are welcoming and friendly, and all furniture finds its perfect place as if by magic.
Thank you, Breeze of Delight! I am so glad to have the family as a resource—I recently recommended that a friend ask Lady Kunchok to light butter lamps for his mother, whose cancer seems to be returning. It is special to have access these traditional Tibetan ceremonies and my hope is that many more sangha members experience the benefits I have by engaging the family’s rare knowledge and talents.