Statue and Treasure Vase Consecration

The Family is able to consecrate statues, thangka paintings and vases. Many practitioners in the West don’t realize that rupas need to be filled and empowered in order to be of benefit. As Lady Konchok always says, “not statue, not art.” An empty rupa can actually provide a home for malevolence. When Lama Pegyal came to this country, he saw that Shambhala Centers sometimes had empty rupas. He thought he should offer to empower them to keep malevolent energies or “demons” from nesting inside the empty figure.

There are different ways to empower a rupa – basic, intermediate, and advanced. When Lama Pegyal started to empower rupas with mantras he noticed that people used rupas to support their practice. For this reason he only does advanced embodiments on rupas. He fills each rupa with mantras for that deity together with sacred substances. The substances include body, speech and mind pills from Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche’s monastery, crushed stone from sacred places in Tibet – dirt from around Mount Kailash and sand with gold in it from the waters of Tso Mapham Yutso, as well as relics from the blessed land of the buddhas. Once filled, the rupa is consecrated by the practice of Trus Chok Dawai Dhutsi (Supreme Bath Moon Nectar). As the main deity, Vajrasattva is asked to purify mistakes or dissolve stains.



Rupa Consecrations:

We ask that you send an email to with your telephone number and email address when you place your order for a rupa or treasure vase consecration, so that we may contact you about the shipment of your item if you cannot hand deliver it.





1-6″ Rupa: $110- Filling and Consecrating of Your Buddhist Statue

7-9″ Rupa: $220- Filling and Consecrating of Your Buddhist Statue

10-14″ Rupa: $330- Filling and Consecrating of Your Buddhist Statue

15-21″ Rupa: $550- Filling and Consecrating of Your Buddhist Statue

Thangka Consecration: $60- Consecration of Your Buddhist Deity Painting


If your rupa is smaller or larger, please contact Also, if your rupa needs to be cleaned before it is filled and blessed, an additional fee of $25 may apply. These prices do not return include shipping charges, we will let you know.


Treasure Vase Consecrations:

If you would like a treasure vase to plant in the foundation of your home, please indicate if you have a vase or if you would like to order one. You are welcome to supply your own as long as it has a top, is 8” tall, is a bit fat, and made of the most precious substance you can afford.



Treasure Vase Consecration: $480

Traditional Copper Treasure Vase: $60

Dispelling Practices:

If you are buying a new home in Colorado and would like the Onchen lamas to perform dispelling practices associated with planting a treasure vase, please contact