If you feel that you would like to connect with Breeze of Delight but you don’t know where to begin, the traditional protocol is to request a Mo. This engagement helps to shape both the question and the answer. You might find yourself on a journey or you may just hear us say, “Light a candle!”

If you would like simply to ask Lady Konchok to make an aspiration on your or a friend or family member’s behalf, please go to the “Butter Lamp Offerings” link. Lady Konchok invites you to direct your intention toward whatever needs your care, whether that be a loved one who is ill or suffering, a dear friend or pet who has died, or world peace.

Proceeds from Breeze of Delight will pay for the cost of business as well as provide a gentle income stream for Lady Konchok and her family, Lama Pegyal, and Gyurme Dorje Lama. Once this support is established, their aspiration is to donate profits to various nonprofit Shambhala activities and in this way express their gratitude.


Butter Lamp Offering

When you make an offering, Lady Konchok will recite the Butter Lamp Aspiration Prayer each morning and light the offering candles according to your request.




Mo Divinations

A traditional Tibetan Divination system where personal questions can be asked. Lama Pegyal has a special connection with the powerful protector, Vetali.




Buddhist Statue & Treasure Vase Consecration

Statues need to be empowered in order to be of benefit. Lama Pegyal fills each rupa with mantras for that deity together with sacred substances.





Khatas are silky offering scarves traditionally given to a Lama when they are visiting as a gesture of respect and pure intention.




Onchen Family Lineage Specialties

The family is able to perform special ritual ceremonies like personal or house blessings,  prayers to remove obstacles or for those who are ill.