Blessed Life, Blessed Home

By Jennifer Holder The blessing energy of Lady Kunchok, Lama Pegyal, and Gyurme Dorje extends to the most personal aspects of our lives with their offerings through Breeze of Delight. Jennifer Holder recounts the ways they have helped her overcome life obstacles and invoked blessings into her new home. We have three familial treasures in […]

Holiday Butter Lamp Offerings

For the Holidays, please consider making an offering to your friends and family of butter lamp prayers by the Sakyong’s mother, Lady Konchok. Breeze of Delight can now send them a Holiday e-greeting card to let them know of this precious gift. Please spread the word, let’s support the Family in any way we can […]

Spring…in the Year of the Water Snake


  “This year’s joining of the feminine energy of the snake with the water element is a prosperous pairing for awakening— perfect timing in a tumultuous world.”  JennyLaPage, Elephant Journal This spring is a perfect time to freshen, renew and remove obstacles and patterns that no longer serve us. Personally, I had a series of […]

Winter Dawn


Celebrate the darkest time of the year by inviting Lady Konchok to light a candle for you. Encourage a friend to follow suit and for that friend’s friend to do the same.  Light a candle at home as well and read the aspiration too!  Let us welcome dawn together.

Gnome in the Window

Me and ole St. Gnome miss Lama Pegyal

Chase Baeur posted his photo on FB and I asked if I could use it on the first blog entry for BofD.  Here it is!  Cute!  We all miss Lama Pegyal but he is happy and healthy on retreat with the Sakyong. Me and ole St. Gnome miss Lama Pegyal !